My name is Katy Hayward and I am currently a Part Time Artist. I live in a beautiful place called Ngunguru (on the East coast of Whangarei, New Zealand) and as I am writing there is a pleasant beaming noise of cicadas echoing through the walls of my house!

I have always carried a great passion for all types of arts and I am particularly fascinated by surrealism as it influences my hand when I hold a pencil; which takes me to my next point… I do fine-art sketches. People tend to ask me if I paint aswell, I geuss this is due to paintings being more popular? Well the answer is I may paint one day but graphite drawing is what i’m doing right now.

So far the subject of my artwork has been inspired off my love for nature, and being surrounded by it day to day, I am in awe of those who are working hard to preserve it’s existence.

My aim is to become a memorable New Zealand Artist.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. sugarblast says:

    hi katy,
    LOVE your artwork!!! so real and surreal. it’s really cool to see what you can make your pencils/graphite do!!!

    • Katy Hayward says:

      Cheers Bruno… I LOVE your artwork!! you have such cool ideas and you look so comfortable at what you do! …I’m still sort of experimenting whatever i’m doing haha I think i would like to be alot ‘more’ surreal.
      Don’t stop doing what your doing because Í’m following you.. so don’t let me down haha.

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